Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Today's Extra Piano Lesson. Learn to Play Titanic on the Piano (My Heart Will Go on Piano)

Today I want to share a piano lesson from youtube that you will enjoy playing. Just to let you know that there are many piano lessons on youtube for beginners. When you are learning to play a musical instrument it is very important that you seek as many resources as you can. Learn to play anything within your level and then try to play more complicated pieces. Surprize your music teacher by showing off a song that you have learnt by yourself.

Video credit given to:  < click link below to view more of his videos.

Even though this video might have some controversial "keyboard lettering" in the foot notes, please use what was taught in our keyboard lessons. Click here for the letters of the black and white keys on the keyboard.

PLEASE NOTE: The illustration in this tutorial shows the letter "H" has a key on the keyboard. Please play the the letter "B" for "H".

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Here are some great keyboard lessons for beginners.

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