Wednesday, 15 June 2011

FREE PIANO/KEYBOARD LESSONS: Another great musical piece for beginners, children and anyone who is learning to play the keyboard or piano.

Hi guys! Here is another popular but simple song that I have used over the years for my piano and keyboard beginner students. While learning to play this piece, your will gain confidence in learning the white keys on the keyboard. Like other simple songs that I have posted in the pass, I know you will catch this one quickly and will be waiting for other simple lessons.

The song we will be looking at today is "Old Macdonald Had a Farm".
Below is a simple sheet music with the melody of the song.

Even though you should know all the letter names of the keys on the keyboard by now, here is model showing the best notes to use for this song.

Thank you for particiating in this lesson. Feel free to take a look at all the other articles that I have posted on this site. Please remember to leave your comments!!


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  5. Hi guys! Here is another popular but simple song that I have used over the years for my piano and keyboard beginner students. While learning ...

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