Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Guitar Lessons | Basic Chord Chart for Beginners

Guitar Lessons - Learn how to play major chords on your guitar.

Hi! Today I want to introduce to you some basic guitar chords that you should prepare to practice. I have created a Guitar Chord Chart for you. You can print it or save it to your computer for easy access.

The chord chart below shows the basic representation of all the major chords that can be played on the guitar. As you can see there are only twelve major scales in music and so all the major chords on the chart below are named based on the major scale they are constructed from.

Here is a basic illustration outlining the twelve major scales in music.

Now here is the chord chart with the twelve major chords that you should practice. 
I must say that it will not be an easy task practicing all the chords on the guitar chord chart above. So my advice to you is to practice them one chord at a time. Of course your fingers are going to hurt from time to time but if you keep practicing the pain will automatically go away.

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