Monday, 10 October 2011

Learning to play guitar chords

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Today I want to share some vital information with you. Today we are going to talk about guitar chords and I will be showing you some basic chords that you can practice on your guitar.

I must say that the guitar is not a walk over and so you will have to dedicate some time for practice. Not everything comes easy in life even though there are some gifted persons who will figure things out on their own and then become a super star.
For those of you who have a guitar parked in some corner at your home, it is time to take up the instrument and give it another try.

Now let’s get down to business!

What is a chord?
Chord as it relates to music is a group notes that are played at the same time. When the group of notes are played simultaneously harmony is created. Chords are formed by choosing specific notes from a major scale.

There are different types of chord in music. Some type of chords are major chord, minor chord, diminish chord, suspended chord among others. But today I will be sharing just a few basic major chords with you.

Why do we use chords in music?
Chords are use to create unique texture in music. When an individual performs a song and a musician plays the guitar in the back ground, harmony is been created. We can say that the chord acts as an accompaniment in the music. So learning chords is very important. Most hymns and popular music such as reggae, jazz and R&B are dominated by chords.

Here are three basic major chords that are easy to practice on your guitar.

The circles shaded in blue are the notes you will hold with your left fingers and unshaped circles are the open notes that you will play along with the notes you hold on the fret board.
Practice to play them in the same order as outline above.

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  1. I really wish to learn how to play a guitar, so I am looking for free Guitar Chords for Beginners.. hope you can help me. thanks in advance!