Friday, 21 October 2011

Free Piano Lessons - Learn how to play "lean on me" on the piano

Hi guys! Today I have created a music sheet teaching you how to play the melody for "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers. This song was one of my favorites when learning started to play the piano. I must say that I have been busy and so I have not posted any piano lessons for a while but I know you will enjoy playing this one.

Use the model of the keyboard below to assist you, if you know the letter name for each key on the keyboard then you don't need it. 

Practice the melody for "Lean on me " by Bill Withers using the music sheet below.
You can click on the music sheet for a larger view.

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Thanks you for participating in today's lesson.

 Please feel free to leave your comments!!


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  3. what dos the blue letters mean miner or major?

  4. The blue letters are the keys below middle C. Some students tend to play the higher letters not listening to the melody of the song.

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