Thursday, 11 August 2011

Elements of Music - What is Harmony?


 Harmony is one of the most important elements of music. When a musical artiste sings a song that is been accompanied by a piano or guitar, we can say that the instrument adds harmony to the performance. Both the piano and guitar are instruments that are naturally used to play chords. A chord is a group of tones that are played at the same time. A chord can have two or more notes or tones. When a group of persons sing related tones at the same time they are creating harmony. For example – (a choir singing soprano, alto and tenor)

Therefore, harmony refers to the way chords are constructed and organized whether by voices or musical instruments. Harmony adds emphasis, suspense and even calmness to the music. Some music are dominated by harmony, however, most modern musical styles have a main melody accompanied by the harmony.

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