Thursday, 30 June 2011

Free Music Piano/Keyboard Lesson: An effective way to learn the keys on the keyboard.

Knowing all the keys on the piano or keyboard is very important to beginners playing the piano. You will be more effective when playing both old and new songs whether it is playing by ear or reading sheet music.
Today I want to share a simple melody that I have use when teaching my students the keys on the keyboard. Most time after you have taught your students the letters of both white and black keys on the keyboard, you might want to give them something to re-enforce what was taught. Well this method works well.
The very first song that I have always used in my piano/keyboard class is “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. Even though it is a simple song, it is a great piece to use when teaching the letter names of the keyboard.
How did I do it? I allow my students to play the song at different locations on the keyboard. Therefore, they will be able to play a simple song at different starting point on the keyboard.
Remember, my objectives are to:
1)      teach my students the keys on the keyboard.
2)      Re-enforce what was taught (the letters of the keyboard).
When playing the song “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, it allows students to know the keys on the keyboard in forward and backward motion.
Here are five different melodies of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. Each melody starts on different keys of the keyboard. After you have played all the melodies below you will find out that you have touch all the letters assigned to the keys on the keyboard.

After playing "Mary Had a little Lamb" in different keys on the keyboard. I teach them other simple melodies using the same techniques.

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