Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Knowing music theory really matters! Musicians should invest their time and money in music theory.

A number of musicians in this modern era are having problems with sight reading. Most of them started their musical development learning to read sheet music; however, they have been drawn to the skill of playing by ear. Even though playing by ear is an excellent way of becoming a great musician, one should note that the content and theory in music is very important. A lot musician who play by ear are not able to explain certain context of music theory and this is a great disadvantage.
It is very important that musicians invest some time and money in developing the skill to read music. Even though this aspect of music is time consuming it will only make the individual a better musician. This means that musicians who can read sheet music well and are able to play by ear, are more flexible and will end up getting certain jobs and opportunities over others.
It is good to start making the adjustments to your development in music. The earlier you start the better it is for you. Go to amazon.com and ebay.com to get special offers on music theory books now.

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