Monday, 23 May 2011

Cheap soundproofing techniques for small home studios

Do you want to soundproof your room and do not have the money to it?
Well I will be sharing one in-expensive way how to do it. Although this method is not the prefect solution for a small home studio, it should be a great start until you can get some money to do proper soundproofing. I have tried it before and it worked well. However, I did my recordings during the after noons and in the nights after 10:00 p.m.
Here are the materials I used.
1.      Thick cardboard (The types that large appliances and equipments come in. Collect as much to cover the entire area.)
2.      Used Egg trays (Collect as much to cover the area.)
3.      Double side tapes (especially the ones used on floor carpets)
4.      Drill and wall screws (optional)
5.      Drapes or thick curtains
6.      Wood glue
7.      Hangers and rods for drapes
Simple Steps
·        Place card board to the wall by using the double tape and screws to hold it to the wall. Make sure you do this from floor to ceiling level.
·         After all the card board is up glue the egg trays to the card board. (After egg trays are glued to the card board you might have to leave it to dry for 24 hours.
·         Install the hangers at suitable locations so that the drapes can be hanged on them. (I had my permanent hangers installed before everything else.)
·         Then hang up drapes to cover the card-board and egg trays mounted to the wall.
·         You can also hang drapes at the door entrance and windows to keep out extra sounds from outside.
N.B. You can always choose whatever design you want for your studio and make your own adjustments. You can also use other methods of your choice to mount the card board and egg trays to the wall.
I hope you enjoy this project, have a nice day.


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