Monday, 4 April 2011

How To Play The Guitar - For Beginners (Part 2)

In the last lesson about the guitar I outlined some important information about the different parts of the guitar, the layout of the strings and the letter name of each string. (View "How to Play the Guitar - for beginners" if you have not read that article as yet.)

Today we will be looking at the letter name of each fret on the fretboard of the guitar. Our focus will be from the 1st fret up to the 12th fret for each string. The letter names automatically repeat after the 12th fret. PLEASE LOOK AT THE DIAGRAM BELOW CAREFULLY AND TRY TO INTERPRET IT.

(Click on the diagram for a larger view.)

Face the fret board of your guitar to compare each string and fret with the diagram above.
The diagram above gives us the names of each fret for a particular string. The open notes and the notes in the 12 fret of each string are the same letter. Please notice the direction in which you go for sharp and where you go for flat. Please try your best to remember the letters of each fret and string.

You should notice that the letters are repeated on each string but are at different location. Another important thing is that  B and E does not have a sharp on the guitar but all the other letters have a sharp.

I hope you are enjoying this lesson.
Have a great day.

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