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Two Great Jamaican Reggae Artiste Born on February - Bob Marley & Dennis Brown

The month of February has passed but it would be good to highlight two great Jamaican Reggae artistes who have contributed to the development of reggae music. These two reggae artistes were born in the month of February. They are;
Robert Nesta Marley & Dennis Emmanuel Brown

*Robert Nesta Marley
(Born - February 6, 1945) (Died - May 11, 1981)
Bob Marley is Jamaica’s most popular reggae artiste of all times. He has done a number of hit albums that have reached the four corners of the earth.
Some of Bob Marley’s hits are:
One Love
Now Woman Nu Cry
Redemption Song
Iron Lion Zion
Buffalo Soldier
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*Dennis Emmanuel Brown

(Born - February 1, 1957) (Died - July 1, 1999)
Dennis Brown is another great reggae artiste. He has been given the title “Crown Price of Reggae” and holds the record of having the most reggae albums as a reggae artiste. His albums also reached the four corners of the earth.

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Some of Dennis Brown’s hits are:

Money In My Pocket
Love's Got A Hold On Me
Wild Fire
So Amazing
Another Day in Paradise

Bob and Dennis are not alive but there legacy still lives and is a major part for history.
Let us alway remember these two great icons.

These two men have some interesting musical arrangements. I know that a number of persons are doing their own musical analysis on reggae music. The musical presentations of these two artistes would be useful.

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