Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Musik Mosiah's Article 1 - Musical Thoughts that will Help You Become a Musician

Hey world! Hey music lovers!
It is good to be alive in times like these. Its important that we make good use of the time we have because we cannot predict when we live or when we die. So I will be using some of the time that I have make some contribution to the world of music.

I love to teach music and so I will be sharing some important information and guidelines that will help individuals in learning music theory and to play the piano, bass guitar and even the recorder.
My first advice to persons learning to play a musical instrument is that they need to be patient. Most students have given up on the task of playing a musical instrument. They have become frustrated and some times say that they will not be able to play any musical instrument at all. Don't give up! There are alot of persons on the internet ready to help you.

The internet has become the centre of information right at your finger tips and there are alot of resources available to help children, adolescent and adults to become a musician. Don't let the dream die keep it alive.
Many persons across the globe can attest that the internet have contributed alot to their skills in playing a musical instrument. Youtube is one resource center that we should all take advantage of, there are a number of professional musicians there who have place video clips, teaching persons to play any musical instrument at any level. It is also important that you go to some of the websites that are selling instructional materials on playing a musical instrument. It would be nice if you support the persons who have created their websites to give information on how to play a musical instrument. One should remember that these persons spend alot of money to give you information that will last you for a lifetime.

Find a music teacher in your area who is willing to be patient with you and who will go to the extreme to gain as much information to help you. Don't wait on your music teacher to give you instructions. There are a number of books on http://www.ebay.com/ and http://www.amazon.com/ at reasonable price that will help you.

Persons who want to play a musical instrument must own one. How can you do an effective job without your tool? Practice is the most important part in the process of learning to play a musical instrument. Ask any great painist or percussionist how they reach the level they are at and they will tell you "practice hard". 15 minutes to 1/2 hour of practice per day is a good start if you are pressing for time.
Invest in a good musical instrument. There are a number of musical instruments that on the internet at reasonable price. It would be best if you stick to popular brands such as yamaha, korg, roland, casio, pearl, gibson, ibanez, fender and much more..

Good luck! I hope you are motivated and will not give up your dream of becoming a musician.
Remember practice becomes perfect.

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