Friday, 4 March 2011

Deep Beyond the Sound of Music

Everyone in the world love music. When we hear music we tend to dance and sing especially when it is one of our favourite song. But many persons do not realize that the music performed by the artiste went through a number of processes before it came on air. The artiste or performer gets most of the credit for the song that is being played on air, but there are other important individuals who contributed to the existence of the piece.

Two of these important contibutors are the Producer and Musical Engineer (Recording Engineer).

The Producer is the person who makes alot of decision during the creation of a single or an album. The producer works closely with the artiste and is given the responsibility of supervising the entire musical project in the studio. The Producer supervises the recording sessions, give advice to the artiste about song selection to be recorded and give musicians instruction as to what sounds and instruments to be in the piece. Effective producers should have adequate knowledge of music and should be able to play a musical instrument.

The Musical Engineer or Recording Engineer is another effective individual in the creation of music. Recording Engineers are technical persons who are qualified to operate musical equipments such as microphones, mixer boards, amplifiers and computers. The Recording Engineer mix the recordings into suitable wave format so that it can be played on popular devices such as cd players and other audio devices. The final mix should be at the best quality, so that it can be appreciated by Dics Jockeys and the people who listen to it. 

These two professionals are apart of the foundation laid. They are involved deeply in the music creation process before it is been played on air. We should remember that Producers and Recording Engineers are two important careers in the music industry.

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